Natalie Paul was a excellent choice for us. We had never sold a house before, or worked with a Real Estate Agent. She was friendly, supportive and it was obvious she knew the Barrie market. We instantly felt confidence in our choice. We knew our listing price was going to be competitive and it was. We weren't on the market forever because we "were priced to sell". We wanted to sell quickly, and we did. We knew we got top dollar for our house.
She also represented us when we bought our new house. The price, the terms, the whole deal went down in our favor! We are extremely thrilled.
Natalie Paul is realistic and fair. She obviously has the insight to know her clients. She is knowledgeable, approachable and honest. She responded to all emails in an extremely timely fashion...thus alleviating stress for us.
We always knew where her head was at....that’s important!! We were especially proud of how she represented us and herself, with potential Buyers and Realtors. We love professionalism and Natalie truly represents her Employer in a excellent way. We could trust Natalie!!! She was fun to work with.

Kathy Morris and Loreen Paulo - Barrie, Ontario

"Natalie sold our house in ten days and close to our asking price.....we would definitely use her again!”

Kelly and Al Vandette - Newmarket, ON

It is no exaggeration to say that Natalie Paul is one of the very few top ranking real estate agents in the area. She deserves all out praise from our family only because Natalie's attitude, what we have experienced while selling and buying house, is more like fulfilling the demand or aspiration of clients than her own profit motive. Natalie advised us in many occasions which have proved to be wise and timely.
In these days when most agents look for personal benefit first, Natalie is an exception.

Sasanka, Paramita and Vikramjit - Barrie, Ontario

My husband and I decided to explore a new city which would give us a less polluted environment and serene quality of live. We chose Barrie. The beauty of the path along the lake and the tranquility of a walk along the shore experiencing the replication of the lights, in the evening across the lake truly sold us to make Barrie our new home.
Without family or friends in the city and lack of familiarity of Barrie, I begin to search homes in the MLS website to acquaint myself with properties and locations. I had no reference or recommendation of anyone. I came across many Real Estate agents but for an unknown reason I selected Natalie Paul. “Her face looks trustworthy”, I thought. I am glad that I did.
As a first- time buyer in Barrie, everything about the process of buying the right home for us was crucial. Natalie took the time to listen to our needs and find a home in a desirable neighborhood for us to enjoy years to come. She proved herself with clarity and obvious insight that revealed to us how much knowledge, as well as hard work, provides the foundation for helping home buyers achieve their dream.
Natalie is clear-headed, analytical thinker who can identify good opportunities and plan strategies. Her advice to us was always on target, thoughtful and wise.
We strongly recommend Natalie Paul to those familiar with the pros and cons of buying a home or those that are terrified by the process of buying their first home. She can deliver satisfaction above and beyond one’s expectations.

Isabelle & Joe Carvalho

The summer we purchased a home was a very difficult one. Life for myself was changing dramatically, the selling of our home and goal to purchase a "replacement" seemed almost impossible. I think back now and remember how professional you were, but more so, how friendly and sincere you were. You genuinely wanted what was best for us in both the sale and new purchase. It was very comforting having someone you trusted involved from the beginning to the end. I'm sure I was not the easiest client to deal with, but you persisted in looking for our new home. In the end, we found just what we were looking for, a place we would soon call home. We are extremely happy here, and plan to be here for many years. And for that I thank you.

John Kuhn - Coldwater, ON